Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bali - Sanur beach and Uluwatu

This is the third and last day of my trip to Bali. Since the flight home is in the late afternoon, we still have the day to spend in Bali. For the ladies the morning was reserved for the spa and massage while I had a walk around Sanur and also the beach there. Since Sanur is the earlier beach development in Bali and is thus quieter, older and more relaxing, thus it seems more for the mature (read, elderly) tourists. On my way to the beach, I passed two temples - the very old Pura Belanjong and the Pura Dalam Semawa.

The beach is not too busy and has the colourful fishing boats that are typical in Bali.

The bigger hotels here include the Bali Hyatt with a very nice garden compound. Hotels here are low-rise and add to the rustic charm.

I had a drink at one of the cafe lining the beach and watch the sea and sand which is soothing for the mind and also my feet.

On the way back to my hotel, I had lunch at D'corner, a restaurant serving very reasonable priced fusion and Balinese food. Nasi campur is only RP25K.

After lunch, we went shopping for kacang disco (fried peanuts coated with spicy flour) and other take-home snacks. Then we went to Uluwatu, with the temple perched on a cliff.

The view down the cliff at the Indian Ocean is breathtaking.

And those damn monkeys; everything you read warning you to watch out for them is true. They are lightning fast and will snatch anything at sight so hang on to your loose items or put them out of sight. My wife lost her hat to one of these snatch thieves and during my short visit there, I have seen them playing with sunglasses, hair bands, cigarette lighter and even shoes! And they are aggressive too so not sure if they are trained to do their snatching.

On the way there, there were golf courses and other beach resorts but we gave the GWK Cultural Park a miss since they charge RS50K for entrance (if I remember right). I think it is not worth it since they have the usual cultural dances and man-made monuments.

Instead we drove to Kuta to have look at the beach. We were only at the southern part since we were near to the time of our flight home and we did not want to be caught in a traffic jam. Not much activity here in the afternoon.

Soon it was time to bid farewell to our driver and to Bali. We gave him our loose rupiahs after making sure we had enough for some food in the airport and also RP150K for the airport tax. Then it was home sweet home.

Ronald Kwok.


  1. Hi Ronald, Bali is a pleasant place? The third day you visit Sanur, and it is your last day in Bali. Little time to see the beauty of Bali. Do you have time to Nusa Lembongan? when you are in Sanur. Great fun if you enjoy the beauty of the sea in Nusa Lembongan.

  2. Wow ! This place is heaven.. Thank you for sharing these amazing pictures.